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Software & Computer Applications Training

Computers can be applied in a broad array of fields and areas ranging from daily business operations and document processing in the office to website design, applications development, programming, graphic design and a whole lot. It all starts from learning the basics beginning with understanding what a computer is and the operating systems or software that power computers to knowing how to use computer applications thereby enabling you apply computer skills and expertise in meeting your business, job or professional needs

We have a number of computer training programs in our computer training school in Surulere, Lagos and other locations in Nigeria to train individuals and groups and help them develop sound computer skills. Our training programs range from beginner level to intermediate and expert or advanced levels.

Office IT Operations

This program is designed for individuals aspiring to learn and develop the skills in using personal computer or laptop to perform daily tasks and operations in a corporate environment. The major tasks in a typical office environment include Word processing, presentations, data and record analysis, internet operation, email communication etc. The applications and skills under

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Website Design

website design training in Lagos

Learn website design and become a professional and skilled web designer. This program is designed for individuals who want to venture into website design as a profession or side skill. You would learn and develop the skills to design and develop responsive and functional websites within a very short time. When you enroll for our

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Advanced WordPress CMS

Take your web design skills to the next level by learning to create your own theme for WordPress from your HTML document. This is an advanced level of WordPress training where you would understand the files that make up WordPress theme and how to development custom themes to make your web development process faster and

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WordPress CMS

WordPress is the most popular application for creating modern website. Lear how to develop a functional website using worfpress without any coding. You would learn how to install WordPress on the server select theme, create content, plugins and many more. Duration: 2 Weeks

Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing is a computer training course that enables the student to develop skills and expertise in using computer software applications to create graphic documents and various kinds of creative artworks for printed materials and stationery that can be used in business, corporate promotions and advertising activities. This is a comprehensive practical computer training program

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Blog Development & Management

Do you want to learn how to share your experience, express your views or have discussion on the internet through blogging?, this course enable you develop the skills to create functional blogs using some of the powerful blogging platforms on the internet. From blogging platform setup to theme selection and content layout, you would learn

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Advanced MS Excel Training

Lean and develop advanced skills in MS Excel and apply it to your daily work and business tasks in order to be more efficient. This course is designed for professionals who want to develop advanced skills in Microsoft Excel. It’s a highly interactive and hands-on program designed to provide participants with essential skills needed to

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Graphics & Multimedia

Our Graphics and Multimedia training is a specially designed program for those who wish to learn and develop skills in the complex concepts and advance applications of computer graphics in the web, branding and branding industry among the rest.

Web Development

Go further in your web design profession or learn the advance skills in web development using database technologies and PHP to create a dynamic websites. At the end of the training, the student would be able to create a database drive website as well use content management system -CMS like WordPress to develop user friendly

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Computer Graphic Design

Make an impression in the world of computer graphics and digital design by showcasing your creativity. Graphic design skills would enable you harness your power creativity in producing graphic artwork for the web and print media. This program would bring out the artistic and creative side of you by developing the skills in crafting strong

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Data Processing

Operating System

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite