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School ICT Laboratory Setup & Support

ICT plays a critical role in enhancing learning activities in educational institutions such as secondary schools and colleges. As a result of the great importance of ICT, learning the skills and basics right from secondary schools have become a component of schools’ curriculum.

Modern colleges are implementing the strategies to empower ICT in supporting the teaching and learning process in the classroom.
We design, implement and support computer laboratory to promote ICT teaching and learning in secondary schools and college.
From procurement of ICT systems with the right specs to network and school WiFi deployment , we have the expertise to implement school ICT lab and WiFi network for schools and colleges anywhere in Nigeria.
Our internet management system enables complete control of internet usage through authentication and authorisation via customised login portal.
The internet management system for schools enables the administrator to assign username and password to students and staff and also control internet bandwidth.

ICT & Computer Services for Schools in Nigeria

Our ICT and computer installation services for schools and colleges in Nigeria include the following

  • Internet management system and user access control via customised school login portal
  • Computer/ICT room preparation and layout
  • Determining the immediate and future computer needs
  • Systems Networking – Server. LAN, WiFi, Internet, Printer, Projector etc
  • ICT and learning applications
  • ICT room maintenance and staff support
  • Technical assistance to ICT administrator

Internet Management & Access Login Portal for Schools

school wifi and ict lab installation and management

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