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Advanced MS Excel Training

Lean and develop advanced skills in MS Excel and apply it to your daily work and business tasks in order to be more efficient. This course is designed for professionals who want to develop advanced skills in Microsoft Excel. It’s a highly interactive and hands-on program designed to provide participants with essential skills needed to make advance excel analysis and effectively use built-in data processing and modelling tools like Data Validation, VLookup, ActiveX control, dashboards, database queries, pivot tables and charts.

Reviewing of formula and cell name

Using conditional formatting and validating data

Working with time formulas and using array formulas in building summary

sheets and dash boards.

Creating databases using Microsoft Excel

Constructing smart worksheets using Excel’s logic, information, lookup and

reference worksheet functions including VLookup, Match, Sumproduct,

Countif, Sumif, Index, If, And & Or

Creating workbook/worksheet templates

Creating graphic like drawing, pictures and flow charts on worksheet using

Microsoft Excel’s drawing tools

Constructing business forms and questionnaires using Microsoft Excel tools

including ActiveX controls

Generating business report Microsoft Excel

Linking workbooks and worksheet

Linking Microsoft Excel to Word and PowerPoint

Together including team and network issues

Sharing workbooks and worksheet over network

Linking Microsoft Excel with other applications

Importing text files into Microsoft Excel using various file formats

Creating and building advanced pivot tables

Accessing databases from Microsoft Excel using Microsoft Query And ODBC

Update Microsoft Access tables directly from Microsoft Excel

Securing Microsoft Excel workbook and worksheet

Introduction to Microsoft Excel VBA code using the Macro recorder

Duration: 2 Weeks

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